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Introducing Watani, the visionary and heart behind The Epiphani. With a genuine passion for holistic well-being, Watani brings a profound commitment to helping individuals discover their true potential and achieve balance in their lives. As a highly skilled and certified wellness practitioner, Watani has dedicated years of study and practice to honing her expertise in various modalities.

Watani's own transformative journey ignited her desire to create a nurturing space where others can embark on their own path to self-discovery and healing. Her personal experiences with self-care, mindfulness, and holistic practices have fueled her mission to empower others to prioritize their well-being and embrace a more fulfilling way of life.

With a gentle and compassionate approach, Watani meets each client exactly where they are, guiding them through their own unique healing process. She believes in the inherent wisdom of the body and the power of integrating mind, body, and spirit to achieve holistic wellness. Through her deep understanding of Yoni Steaming, Guided Meditation, Reiki Therapy, Sound Baths, and other modalities, Watani creates personalized experiences that honor the individual's needs and goals.


Watani's nurturing presence and genuine care for her clients foster a safe and welcoming environment, allowing them to explore and release stress, anxiety, and blockages that may hinder their well-being. Her commitment to ongoing growth and learning ensures that she stays at the forefront of wellness practices, providing her clients with the most effective and transformative techniques available.


By joining Watani on this transformative journey, individuals can experience a profound shift in their overall well-being, leading to a life filled with vitality, balance, and inner peace. Discover the wisdom and healing that lie within you under the compassionate guidance of Watani McThomas and embrace the transformative power of holistic wellness at The Epiphani.


“I had my FIRST Reiki session at my friend Watani's Studio this morning and it was MAGICAL!”

Carla C.

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